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About Propecia: Propecia was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on the date 22.12.1997. This is marketed by the Merck & co. inc. This drug is the only drug which prevents male hair loss and is only for men. This drug can only be taken by men and not by children or woman. This drug offers best results as it reacts with the hair and the scalp to block the dihdrotestosterone.

Buy Propecia Online

This slows or removes the process of hair loss in men. The results of these pills are amazing.

But this also has few minor side effects such as lesser desires in sex and no erection.

These few problems are common but any other side effects if observed should be taken seriously.

No patient has reported any other side effects till now.

One should consult his doctor before taking these pills to be on the safer side.

This drug mainly targets the hair loss and hence it reduces chances of one ever going bald.

The drug has been sold in many countries and the sales have been very impressive.

The drug offers surprising results in very less time.

The customers from all around the world have been happy with the results by using Propecia. The drug is the most effective medication available for the hair loss problems in men.

This drug can be bought online and the delivery of these pills will be made.

These pills show results in 3 months minimum. If this drug is taken regularly then the chances of going bald becomes negligible.

Many men around the world have started using this medication to stop the hair loss and remove possibilities of going bald.

The drug is strictly meant for men and consumption by woman or children can cause harm too.

The drug should also be taken directly inside the mouth without crushing the pill. As crushing the pill would cause its effect to reduce.

The finasteride should be taken on a daily schedule as it is instructed.

The pills should be taken regularly. If one misses to take the pill, he can take it next time. This extra dose will take care of the dose which was missed earlier.

If any allergies come up after the consumption of these pills, then one should consult the doctor for the same.

If the person is getting swellings in nose, chest, tongue or lips then one should consult the doctor.

Any abnormal swelling should be taken seriously and doctor should be consulted for the same.

The pills usually have no side effects and work great with everybody. The results are surprisingly good and the time taken for these results to show is also just 3 months.

Maximum time taken by the pills to show its effect could be 12 months. The pills are safe for men as they are clinically tested for several years. The results are quick and good.

This permanently stops the hair loss, prevents the chances of one ever going bald and boosts morale of its consumer.

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Propecia Success Stories

Hi there Online Propecia. Info team! First and foremost I did Like to thank you for your outstanding site. Losing your hair causes such panic and as the internet is where most of us look for help,Sifting through all the rubbish takes time,and is frustrating, type "hair loss" in google and reams of pages trying to take your money will come up, claiming cures, 98% success etc. People in this world really do pray on the weak! I have found this site an amazing source, and think i’ve now educated myself pretty well! I have been coming here for almost a year and this is one of my first posts.

The reason why i'm writing is because I noticed a lot of negativity and criticism coming from obviously frustrated balders, this is also because I dont think many people with propecia success stories/great hair transplants come here to post. Only paranoid, frustrated, critical people who are looking for someone to just tell them it will all be fine. The fact is guys, there isn't a cure - yet. But there are things you can do,educate yourself and just have the guts to try the treatments available. There is no harm in that.they wont be instant at working, and they might not even work at all for some, but dont be that much of a skeptic that you wont even try. Just be patient.

I personally was losing my mind over my stupid hair got propecia a few months ago and my hairloss has stopped, and I can even see a few little baby hairs, getting a bit more coverage! Alas I havent covered my bald spot completely in a week as many of us would like! but thats just not where todays science is at. Id also just like to encourage readers with success stories to post, because the scale at the moment is just too unbalanced. anyway take care!

Known Propecia Side Effects

The Finpecia pills also have some side effects. Like the other drugs, these tablets may also cause some side effects which are usually minor and can be easily treated.

The medicine has side effects but few people also can tolerate the effects of the drugs and there are cases when no side effects caused by the pills were found.

The medication has mild side effects which can vary from person to person, depending on many factors.

The pills usually don’t react much and hence the side effects of these tablets are way to less than the side effects seen by other brand medications for the prevention of hair loss.

Common Side Effects

An evaluation was conducted and was found that there are 3 minor side effects of Propecia which are commonly seen in the men who take the pills regularly.

One of the side effects was that few people were found to have decreased amount of ejaculation.

The second side effect was observed that few men had decreased libido. The third side effect was observed to be that few men had erectile dysfunction.

These were the commonly observed side effects of the pills. There were few rare cases when it was observed that the medicine caused rashes and allergies.

These cases were so rare that it can’t be proved that these results were caused by the usage of Propecia.

Propecia Side Effects For Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant, don't take Propecia. The pills are very dangerous for the pregnant woman. It can cause difficulties to the woman and to her child if the drug is taken by the woman.

The pills are very dangerous and especially in the case if the baby inside the mother is a male.

If by any form the drug reaches inside the mother, difficulties could be produced both for the mother and the child.

The pills should be taken carefully by the men and made sure that the foil of is not left here and there.

If this drug comes in contact to the unborn child, severe problem can be faced.

Propecia Side Effects For Men

The side effects of Propecia are not shown in most of the people. It was observed that most of the men who took propecia pills suffered no side effects.

Though there were few cases, when side effects were observed. The side effects observed were minor effects of the pills and was seen that these side effects were easily curable.

The stoppage of these medication reversed the improvement in hair fall and even cured the few side effects which were observed by the usage of these pills.

The few minor side effects are just reduction in libido, decrease amount of ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Leaving these few side effects, no other side effects are usually observed.

Severe problems can be faced if the drug comes to contact of a pregnant mother. If the mother has baby boy inside her severe damage could be made to the baby.

Decrease in libido, impotence, decreased amount and volume of ejaculate. Although these Propecia side effects can be reversed by just ceasing to take the hair loss cure drug, the side effects are still alarming to most men. It can also be depressing since satopping ingesting the medicine will also mean that your hair will not regrow anymore. You might have to choose another drug to motivate hair regrowth.

Propecia's side effects are not serious and can be cured if the pills consumption is stopped. Stopping the consumption of the medication will cause hair fall again.